PC800 Side Panels

The bike needed some side panels – it arrived without any, and the spares bike did not have any either.

PC800 P1 A04 Before

I wanted side panels to resemble those on a Gold Wing GL1100, but I happened to have some spare ones from an ST1100. Holding the right-hand one up against the PC800 it looked as if, with a bit of work, they could be made to fit. The bulge at the back neatly fitted round the battery, and the general shape was OK if cut down. It needed to have a V shape cut out at the front to make the top edge fit round the front of the seat, which just happened to align the mounting spigot on the back of the panel with a locating hole on the dummy tank cover.

PC800 P1 G02 Panels

The ABS plastic was quite easily welded back together with a soldering iron, but needed reinforcing at the back with a bit of the cut-off section glued across the join with car body filler. With a few saw cuts and some heat from a hot air gun, the panel could be bent round at the back to wrap round the battery and keep the terminals dry. The panel also had to be heat-shaped a bit at the front to get it to align with the dummy tank. Plastic welding and filler took care of the saw cuts.

 PC800 P1 G04 Panels

Some offcuts and filler complete the transformation. I used car body filler to build up the surface over an ABS offcut to cover the large hole, then bumper filler (finer grain) and finally knifing putty (the white stuff) to fill in small pits and scratches. A bracket made from aluminium strip and glued on to the back of the panel at the bottom fixes it to a handy bolt on the frame where the pillion footrest used to go.

PC800 P1 G06 Panels

A coat of primer showed up some remaining imperfections.

PC800 P1 G08 Panels

More filler, several coats of primer and some black to finish off left it looking reasonable. The process was the same for the other side, just a slightly different shape. This photo flatters – there are still a few bumps and dips in the panel surface. One day, I might replace them with something nicer, but with the ST1100 project dragging on I was keen to get this bike on the road.

PC800 P1 X06 After

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