My ST1100 – A Brief History

ST1100 P1 A01 Before

The picture above is before . . .

My decision to buy an ST1100 was a logical one. Having owned a few other big bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Triumph and BMW, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but no manufacturer produced such a bike. It had to be un-faired, have good acceleration for overtaking, be smooth, comfortable, reliable, low-maintenance, have a seat low enough for my shortish legs, be easy to balance and not too heavy. I wanted a multi-cylinder engine, about 100 BHP, shaft drive and an under-seat fuel tank for a low centre of gravity. A Pan European seemed to fit most of the criteria, but they had lots of plastic bodywork and a rather dull image.

Many years previously, I’d seen a Pan-European-based trike at a custom show. There was no fairing and the V4 engine had been made a feature. I thought it looked great, and though I wouldn’t want a trike, the idea of a naked Pan seized my imagination

The first re- incarnation of my Pan, in 2009, was like this – concentrating more on mechanical repair than aesthetics:

ST1100 P1 C02 After

I later cut down the lower side panels, made some side-pods to complete the ‘dummy tank’ and had a go at home-made fly-screen. Not a great improvement in looks!

ST1100 P2 X02 After

The last update before I decided on a more radical rebuild involved a modified Triumph Tiger front panel. Here it is in 2011.

ST1100 P3 X07 After

By the end of 2011 the bike had 70,000 miles on the clock, 10,000 of which it had done as a naked bike with me. The need for a new seat was becoming urgent and I wanted a radical new look – lighter and more compact, looking like it had been designed and not just lost a few panels. I probably wouldn’t have started if I’d known it would still not be finished as 2016 dawned. By then I was getting impatient to get it back on the road, and took every opportunity presented by the weather to finish off painting the new and modified panels. By the end of April they were done (with a few blemishes remaining).

ST1100 P4 N3 May 2016

1 thought on “My ST1100 – A Brief History

  1. Kate

    This thing arrived one evening when Andy was out. It arrived in a pantechnicon. “I’ve got a big bugger ‘ere missis!” said the delivery man, cheerfully. I was furious. I’d already got one garage door open but one look told me it was far too big for that and I had to open both to let the blasted thing in. My curses rent the frosty air and I was surprised the street lamps didn’t shatter. Of course I couldn’t be cross with the delivery driver, it wasn’t his fault.

    When Andy got home I said between gritted teeth “It’s very – erm – big”.
    “Oh, that’s just fairings” he replied, “That’ll all go”

    Phew! Most of my rage evaporated there and then.

    Have to admit that to my completely bike-ignorant, but well developed aesthetic eye, he’s done a good job. So far.

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