About me

My name is Andy Gotts. I was bitten by the motorcycle bug in 1971 and have yet to find a cure.

From 1971 to 1985 I owned around 10 bikes (usually one at a time), mostly British singles and twins bought for less that £50. Each would be worth thousands now! The last was this BSA A10 – note contemporary riding gear.

BSA A10 in field 1979

Since 2001 I’ve owned another 10 or so – Honda, Yamaha, Triumph and BMW, singles, twins and triples. All were good in their own way, but each had some (or several) aspects I was not happy with – perhaps underpowered, or top heavy, too much vibration, uncomfortable riding position or unreliable. So in 2008 I decided to get a bike that was nearly what I wanted, and customise it. This photo is from 2010, on a ride-out from the GB Bikers Wales meet. The bike has changed a bit since then but I look much the same!

ST1100 P2 Wales 2010

My search for the ultimate motorbike continues.