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News – 21/08/2019

A few comments received lately suggest that there might still be some interest in these pages, so here is an update. I’m sorry that I missed some of these comments at the time – the alerts had gone into my junk email folder. I’ll keep a look out for future comments.

ST1100 Final 01

I rode the ST1100 for a few hundred miles after completing the rebuild, but I realised that what I wanted from a bike had changed, and the modified PC800 suited me better. Rather than trash my work and start another rebuild, I sold the ST1100 to a fellow Pan European enthusiast in September 2016. It appeared on the cover of PANtasia, the magazine of the Pan Clan, in May 2017 – honour indeed!

PC800 X10 After

I’m still using the PC800 (which I think of as the GL800). The intended smartening-up has not happened yet, but maybe this winter? I did replace the windscreen and modify it to cut down turbulence and increase ventilation. It’s been very reliable, though reluctant to start after a few weeks of not being used, and does cover its engine in a fine oil mist from the cam covers (a common problem). I had the seat rebuilt with a gel insert which made a big difference to comfort.

DL650 pic 1

I acquired this bike last spring – a stripped-down 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL650. This is the state of it when I bought it. It had been written off, then put back on the road, but the modifications were quite badly done, so I had to spend a lot of time putting them right. I haven’t changed the appearance much except for cleaning and a bit of paint. It is great fun to ride.

If anyone would like any more information on these bikes, I’ll try to oblige.