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News – 26/03/2016

I’ve cut down and re-shaped the oldĀ the ST1100 side panels (which were cut-down and re-shaped original panels), and tidied up the front panel and tail-piece. On the occasional milder day I was able to take all the panels into the garden to spray them with primer. For a bit of encouragement I put them all on the bike and took a few photos.

ST1100 P4 N2 Mar 2016

ST1100 P4 N1 Mar 2016

There is still work to do – such as mounting the number plate, final bits of wiring, finishing painting the panels and re-painting the exhaust pipes – but the objective of having it MoT-ready is in sight. It won’t be finished then, but it might be on the road.

The PC800 passed its MoT after I’d cleaned the brake pistons and fitted the new windscreen (in case the crack in the old one might be a fail point). Still got to sort out the air leak from the back tyre, fix the temp gauge and find a solution to exhaust fumes being dragged into the bubble of still air behind the fairing, but at least it will be rideable when we get a decent spring day.