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ST1100 P4 N3 May 2016

This website is about my project bikes. With limited funds, I’ve done most of the work myself. Having no engineering training, I learn as I go along, through many trials and errors! Some of the methods I’ve found useful are covered under Topics listed in the sidebar. This website is another project – the format and content may change as I learn more.

Much of the content first appeared in the late, lamented, GB Bikers Forum which closed in December 2015. I’m still in the process of transferring it. Previously unpublished material will be listed in the News blog on the main menu.

My first bike project was a crash-damaged Honda ST1100 Pan European that I acquired in 2008, stripped of its fairing and rode for some 10,000 miles. I occasionally get asked if it’s a Moto Guzzi. I decided on a more radical rebuild in 2013, and finally got it back on the road in May 2016. The story starts here: My ST1100 – A Brief History

PC800 F 18d Complete 010820152729

The second bike project (ignoring some abandoned ones) was a Honda PC800, slowly being transformed into a mini Gold Wing – the ‘GL800’ that Honda should have made. It first emerged from my garage in 2015 looking like this. It might be lucky enough to get some cosmetic work in 2016. My PC800 – A Brief History

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  1. Kate

    I took the first photo on the ‘about me’ page. I’d just started going out with Andy and was excited to be going out on the bike. Unfortunately I burned my leg on the exhaust so I never went on it again. We are still together – getting on for 40 years now 🙂

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